award-winning beef jerky

a high protein snack using responsibly sourced silverside cut welsh beef

Great Taste Award Winner

Gluten Free

High In Protein

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…the ultimate nutritious, high-protein beef jerky snack to destroy those snack attacks!

8 delicious flavours made with homemade marinades to take jerky to the next level!


In December 1999, one man ventured on a 1,500 mile mission of discovery from Chicago to Yellowstone National Park and had his 1st taste of Beef Jerky on the edge of the South Dakota Badlands.

After realising his newfound love for the protein packed snack, he searched for guidance from American Jerky enthusiasts around the country, who gave him the techniques & recipes needed to produce his own – Trailhead Fine Foods!

From there we adopted the Get Jerky name & started to sell across the UK, earning Great Taste Awards in 2015 & 2016.

In 2018, the Trailhead team was transformed, and at this point, we decided to take our jerky to the next level.

Arwyn Morris & Ramos Vernys joined, 2 butchers who’ve always had a passion for meat & jerky. They’ve brought forward the flavour Trailhead is known for, but with surprises, with our new gourmet range with Black Garlic & Ginger & Teriyaki tantalising tastebuds with stunning new jerky flavours!

Get Jerky won yet more Great Taste awards in 2020 and have come into 2021 strong, with packs of Get Jerky now flying off the selves of Co-Op stores across Wales!

Our Blog

"It’s great to have a snack handy on the road that I can reseal. Running and tackling Wales’ mountains, it’s vital to get carbohydrates & protein within 20 minutes for maximum effect. Get Jerky allows me to get my protein needs straight away - and it tastes great too!.”

Andrew Davies, Welsh International Marathon Runner


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