Why PGI Welsh Beef? #NationalButchersWeek


As you may already know... we are a proud user of PGI Welsh Beef, which is why we are super proud to celebrate this for #NationalButchersWeek!

So, what is PGI Welsh Beef? 

PGI status was awarded to Welsh Beef in 2002, with the following objectives...

• To protect the reputation of the regional food product

• Promote rural & agricultural activity

• To ensure traceability 

Why PGI? 

• PGI is a stamp of approval for quality before tasting - As we produce our jerky with our very own hands, we want to ensure that all elements of our product are of the highest quality, including the core ingredient... BEEF!

• Guarantees authenticity & integrity - We want you to enjoy & feel comfortable eating our jerky... as you know where it comes from!

• The taste speaks for itself - The benefits of the natural, Welsh landscape are maximised with tried & tested traditional farming techniques to produce extremely high quality beef!

• Traceability - Allows you guys to recognise the origin & unique qualities of the product!

Well folks, if that hasn't convinced you, you can read more over at HCC: http://www.hcctrade.co.uk/why-pgi




Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!