Most people will give you the history of Jerky and leave it at that. Jerky origins are an important part of Jerky but fast forward to the 21st century and it is not what wholly defines Jerky for us.

Just reading the packet label will tell you that Jerky is a nutritious high protein energy giving snack that is smart and can be easily incorporated into our busy lifestyles replacing what could be sugary high fat snack choices, which we are all tempted by.

Here is our Jerky Mission Statement, which defines Jerky to us...

  • Jerky must be made from hand selected leanest prime cuts of British beef available.
  • Jerky marinades will be outstanding and not skimp on ingredients. Each ingredient is important as the next to make the blend perfect.
  • Each slice of Jerky must be carefully marinated for the minimum of 24 hours to allow the complete penetration of flavor into the meat. 
  • Jerky must be dried slowly at least 12 hours with careful monitoring of heat and airflow.
  • The rich meat flavors must not be masked, but they must be allowed to come through in the final marinated product to create a satisfying taste experience.
  • Our Jerky will not have any artificial flavours, preservatives, MSG, nitrates or nitrites.
  • Our Jerky is not a cured then sliced product. It is not sliced biltong. Sliced biltong is sliced biltong
  • Our Jerky is being supplied to people from all walks of life pursuing many diverse activities.  
  • We strive to make Jerky for what our customers want we listen to our customers and deliver



Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!