I have always found beef jerky a great snack in the mountains wherever it is available. Yours is some of the best and I don't have to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy it.

Simon Yates, Mountaineer

Congratulations to Trailhead Beef Jerky for becoming the first non-USA brand of jerky that scored the full five-star rating from me.

As well as being proper tasty, we found the packs lighter than the usual nuts or chocolate and a lot easier to eat when we needed it most. They were also high protein, low carb and low fat, if you were into that sort of thing.  Best of all, they were made from proper air-dried beef, rather than the translucent plastic-y stuff found in the supermarket. We loved them.

I discovered your product while browsing at Low Sizergh Barn.  Brilliant product, tastes great, scrumptious on the spicy side, and is well packaged.  As a fitness enthusiast and clinical researcher, Ive really enjoyed incorporating this into my diet.

Glenn Carrigan - Fitness Enthusiast and Clinical Researcher

I'm really happy to have found you because I love Jerky and I love British Beef, so just keep em coming and I'll keep buying as you have a customer for life now !  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 

Stuart, Cleveland

Tried the Hot Smoked Chipotlle after my partner got it me for my birthday recently and I immediately loved it.  I've tried lots of different Jerky/Biltong from around the country and this is up there for me as one of the best !

Neil, Cardiff



Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!