Under the brand name Trailhead Beef Jerky, the new range of high protein snacks offers a selection of nine authentic recipes made from marinated air-dried strips of beef. Using ingredients from around the world, all the products are free from artificial additives and with a low GI, the Beef Jerky is packed with natural ingredients and full of flavour. Low fat, compact and lightweight the Beef Jerky products are ideal for farmshops and delis and other retail outlets looking to stock a healthier and tasty snack alternative.

"We are thrilled to be exhibiting at this year's Farmshop and Deli Show which provides the ideal environment to bring to market our new premium range of Trailhead Beef Jerky," said Jason Howard, managing director at Trailhead Fine Foods.

"Our authentic products only use British beef. We individually select the finest, leanest beef from central England which is fully traceable. With our homemade marinades, we believe we have developed the most flavoursome Jerky on this planet that delivers a truly satisfying taste experience."

With rising levels of obesity and a sharp focus on healthier consumer lifestyles, Trailhead Beef Jerky is the perfect low fat, high protein snack for people on the go, and is ideal for anyone involved with outdoor pursuits.

The Beef Jerky range includes nine exciting flavours: Original, Black Pepper, BBQ, Old Smokey, Hot Smoked Chipotle, Raging Bull Chilli, Spicy Chilli, Moruga Scorpion Chilli and XXX Hot Naga Jolokia.

With an RRP of £2.99, Trailhead Fine Foods' Beef Jerky products are individually packed in 50g foil sealed bags.


Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!