Get creative... 6 different ways to eat Beef Jerky


Do you love jerky so much you want to incorporate it into your everyday meals, or maybe you're not a snacker but still want to get that jerky protein? Then we have just the guide for you.

Here are 6 delicious & unique ways to get your jerky fix...  

• Grated over a Fresh Salad

Chop your favourite salad ingredients, whack them all in a bowl, drizzle some olive oil …& sprinkle the jerky on top!

• Add an extra kick to your Tomato Sauce

Throw in some chopped jerky to your preferred recipe of Tomato Sauce to give it a meaty bite… pour over your chosen pasta, and bon appétit!

• With your Roast Potatoes

Add some chopped jerky in with your freshly boiled potatoes to a hot oiled pan, season & pop in the oven to roast until golden & sizzling, for an extra treat with your Sunday Roast!

• Jazz up your Breakfast Omelette or Pizza

Spice things up by adding some sliced jerky to either of these everyday classics… if you dare?!

• Alternative Beans on Toast

Grate your fav cheese & jerky over your regular beans on toast, if you’re feeling a bit lazy but don’t want to lose out on flavour with a bite!

• Feature Jerky as the main Protein

Whether you’re adding our jerky to a soup, a bowl of rice or a post-workout energy ball, it’s guaranteed to up your protein… so get creative & get strong!

Have you got any favorite jerky recipes we haven't mentioned... or maybe you've had a go at one of these combinations - be sure to show us your creativity on instagram: @trailheadbeefjerky 





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