New owners have big plans for award winning beef jerky business  12.9.18


Butchers Arwyn Morris and Ramos Vernys like premium beef jerky snack products made by a Mid Wales company so much that they have bought the business.

The workmates purchased Trailhead Fine Foods from Jason and Nilgun Howard of Welshpool and are committed to growing the business and developing the ‘Get Jerky’ brand.

Trailhead Fine Foods was launched seven years ago by Kevin Bigland of Cradley Heath who sold the business in 2013 to Mr and Mrs Howard who rebranded and further developed the company, leading to coveted Great Taste Awards in 2016 for the Original and Spicy Chilli Beef Jerky flavours.

Now Arwyn and Ramos have big plans to take the business to the next level and are basing production at the WMO centre in Welshpool, initially creating two jobs. The company already has a growing list of online customers through which the new owners hope to expand.

Trailhead Fine Foods received an enthusiastic response from potential new customers when it promoted its range of beef jerky products at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair at Olympia, London earlier this month. The company exhibited under the Cymru/Wales banner at the event with the support of Welsh Government.

“We were delighted with the response at Speciality and Fine Food Fair where we had more than 100 sales leads from potential customers, ranging from farm shops and restaurants to national retailers,” said Arwyn.

The company is also negotiating a series of exciting partnership deals this autumn, including supplying complementary packs of its beef jerky snack products to more than 2,000 marshals at next month’s Dayinsure Wales Rally GB.

Aberdyfi rally driver Tom Cave and co-driver James Morgan, from Hirwaun, will also be promoting the ‘Get Jerky’ brand on their Hyundai i20 R5 during the rally.

“Jason and Nilgun have done a great job to grow the business and we are grateful to him for sharing his knowledge and passion for beef jerky with us,” said Arwyn. “We will continue to make the same premium beef jerky products in exactly the same way, but we are also keen to develop an exciting range of new and different jerky products and flavours.

“Trailhead Fine Foods currently makes jerky from a single cut of beef, but there are opportunities to diversify and use different cuts and different meats as well as gluten free products in the future. There is huge potential.

“Our aim is to increase exposure of the brand and to develop partnership relationships with wholesalers and distributers. Ramos and I share Jason’s passion and we believe in the product so much that we left good jobs with our previous employer to take Trailhead Fine Foods forward.”

Beef jerky is marinated strips of air-dried beef in a range of flavours which is a high protein snack alternative to crisps, nuts and sweets. Only the leanest prime cuts of beef are selected and marinated in carefully blended ingredients for a minimum of 24 hours to allow the complete penetration of flavour into the meat.

The jerky, which has no artificial flavours or preservatives, is then air-dried slowly for at least 12 hours to create a satisfying taste experience. People from all walks of life pursuing many diverse activities enjoy jerky.




Published last week was a report detailing the benefits of eating spicy food daily particulary food rich in capsaicin, the chemical found in Chilli Peppers.  Capsaicin has anti obesity, anti oxidant, anti inflammation and cancer fighting properties.

The research was carried out on nearly half a million middle aged men and these men were tracked over 7 year - so there is some substance to this report.

 We use a variety of chilli's and work closely with The Chilli Doctor to make sure we are getting the best quality possible.

Here are some facts about Naga Chilli (AKA Ghost Pepper) and The Moruga Scorpion Chilli Pepper

A Chilli's heat is measured in  Scoville Units which dilutes the chilli in sugar water until any heat can not be detected anymore.  A more acurrate way of measuring the heat of a chilli is to use ASTA pungency units.

ASTA stands for American Spice Trade Association and high performance liquid chromatography is used to determine the heat producing chemicals (Capsaicinoids)  

1 part of capsaicin per million corresponds to about 15 million Scoville units.

The Naga Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper rates about 1 million on the scoville scale so you are getting about  66,666 capsaicum units 

The Moruga Scorpion Chilli Pepper rates about 1.5 million scovilles equals 100,000 capsaicim units.

Pure Capsaicin extract measures 16 million scovilles about 1 million capsaicum units 

Trailhead Beef Jerky Wins Great Taste Award  11.8.15


The world's most coveted blind-tasted food awards, Great Taste has just released the Great Taste Stars of 2015 and Trailhead Fine Foods is amongst the winners celebrating as our Black Pepper Beef Jerky is now able to carry the little gold and black great taste logo.

Judged by over 400 of the most demanding palates belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, resturanteurs, producers and a host of food writers and journalists, Great Taste is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers.  When a product wears a Great Taste label it carries a badge of honour but more importantly, the Great Taste logo is a sign post to a great tasting product - hundreds of judges have worked tirelessly to discover the very best through hours and hours of blind-tasting a total of 10,000 different food and drinks.

We decided to enter our Black Pepper Beef Jerky as it represented the love we put into our Jerky and after getting such good reviews and feedback in the USA on we wanted to prove products closer to home.  We are so proud to receive this award and will continue to put everything in to our Jerky's and develop exciting flavours our customers will love - watch this space

Online shop going live soon!  30.4.15

Just a quick update, we know lots of you are chomping at the bit to start ordering through the website. Well, the wait is nearly over - starting next week, you will be able to order any of our nine varieties of delicious jerky directly through the 'Shop' link on the website.

Get jerky with a taste explosion  17.4.15

Exhibiting at this year's NEC Farmshop and Deli Show, Trailhead Fine Foods on stand number S65 will launch its new range of Beef Jerky products.

Show visitors are invited to 'Get Jerky' on the stand, with product sampling hosted by Trailhead Fine Foods, managing director, Jason Howard.

Under the brand name Trailhead Beef Jerky, the new range of high protein snacks offers a selection of nine authentic recipes made from marinated air-dried strips of beef. Using ingredients from around the world, all the products are free from artificial additives and with a low GI, the Beef Jerky is packed with natural ingredients and full of flavour. Low fat, compact and lightweight the Beef Jerky products are ideal for farmshops and delis and other retail outlets looking to stock a healthier and tasty snack alternative.

"We are thrilled to be exhibiting at this year's Farmshop and Deli Show which provides the ideal environment to bring to market our new premium range of Trailhead Beef Jerky," said Jason Howard, managing director at Trailhead Fine Foods.

"Our authentic products only use British beef. We individually select the finest, leanest beef from central England which is fully traceable. With our homemade marinades, we believe we have developed the most flavoursome Jerky on this planet that delivers a truly satisfying taste experience."

With rising levels of obesity and a sharp focus on healthier consumer lifestyles, Trailhead Beef Jerky is the perfect low fat, high protein snack for people on the go, and is ideal for anyone involved with outdoor pursuits.

The Beef Jerky range includes nine exciting flavours: Original, Black Pepper, BBQ, Old Smokey, Hot Smoked Chipotle, Raging Bull Chilli, Spicy Chilli, Moruga Scorpion Chilli and XXX Hot Naga Jolokia.

With an RRP of £2.99, Trailhead Fine Foods' Beef Jerky products are individually packed in 50g foil sealed bags.



Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!