About Us


In December 1999, one man was on a 1500 mile road trip mission of discovery from Chicago to Yellowstone National Park, where he planned to spend the millennium

After realising his newfound love for the protein packed snack, he searched for guidance from American Jerky enthusiasts around the country, who gave him the techniques & recipes needed to produce his own beef jerky

Whilst travelling, he stopped at a small gas station just past Rapid City, on the edge of the South Dakota Badlands; where he had his first taste of Beef Jerky 


Fast forward to 2013, this same man approached Trailhead founder, Kevin Bigland, to buy the company from him

These two significant figures in Trailheads history provided invaluable skills, knowledge & US based experience to reveal the finest, most flavoursome Beef Jerky on the planet, even earning some Great Taste awards in 2015 & 2016 


Now to introduce Arwyn Morris & Ramos Vernys, who love Trailhead Beef Jerky so much they decided to invest in it

The two Wales based Butchers have always had a passion for meat even managing to create a career out of it

So when the opportunity arose to produce the world’s best Beef Jerky company, they leaped into it

Making sure they obtain the famous and reputable flavours, they have decided to keep all recipes the same but have assured their audience that even MORE flavours are to follow…


“Our aim is to share our love of Beef Jerky with the world by increasing exposure of the brand & developing partnerships with some fantastic wholesalers & distributers.

Ramos and I share Jason’s passion and we believe in the product so much that we left good jobs with our previous employer to take Trailhead Fine Foods forward.”




Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!