About Us

December 1999, I was on a 1500 mile road trip

from Chicago to Yellowstone National Park where I planned to spend the millennium.  I had a lot of new experiences on this trip but the one that stayed with me was pulling into a small gas station just past Rapid City, South Dakota on the edge of the Badlands

This was my first taste of Beef Jerky

and what a difference it made to our trip from that moment on I was a fan and found out all I could about Jerky I was fortunate enough to have had the guidance of some real US Jerky enthusiasts who show me the techniques and recipes. Fast forward to 2013 and I read about Trailhead Jerky on www.bestbeefjerky.org and made contact with Kevin Bigland the founder of Trailhead Jerky well it transpires Kevin had very similar experiences and above all the passion for Jerky and this is where our story begins.

Trailhead is all about the passion we put into creating

the finest, most flavoursome Jerky on the planet 

We will go to any lengths or any place to do this and continue to lead the way and forge our own trail this is where I am the happiest and hope you agree when you try our Jerky

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Trailhead Fine Foods



Congratulations to Trailhead - 1st British brand to receive five stars!